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As a full-time Realtor since 2007 I have learned many things about real estate, but one thing always holds true. We deal with property (sales/purchases, rentals, land), but this industry is about people. I understand my clients will always have emotions along with financial facts whether they are buying or selling. Both these points need to be addressed and communicated throughout the process.
I will always be open and honest with my clients, educating them on the truth with today’s market and how it affects them and what they should expect; both positively and negatively.
Being a stay at home parent since 2004 and coaching athletics, I have used these same points with my children and players as I do with my clients. There are always emotions and facts in many situations; be honest and open while trying to teach and educate them on the decisions they will make.
Allow me to help you too!

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Wethersfield Little League Board              2014 - 2019
Pine Acres Swim & Tennis Board              2010 - 2016
                         Board President               2015 & 2016
Volunteer Baseball Coach                        2004 -  Present

University of Massachusetts B.A. 1989

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